Bidder Guide

How to Participate in an Auction:

These are general guidelines for information only. Bidders are advised to refer the individual auction catalogues for specific details.
You are advised to take a print and preserve a copy for future reference.

Follow these steps to participate in the On-Line Auctions at

Only REGISTERED Bidders are allowed to participate in the on-line auctions. To become REGISTERED Bidder one needs to register with us - Registration Form. Registration is Fast, Easy and its FREE. Please enter a valid e-mail ID in the Registration Form. All e-mail communications will be forwarded to the e-mail ID entered in the Registration Form may please be noted. Bidders are encouraged to have two e-mail addresses When registering you can choose your own Login ID (subject to availability). On completing the Registration Form, the same will be verified by the office of and a system generated password will be sent to your e-mail address/s. Please remember: - This Login ID and Password will only allow you to only navigate the site but you cannot participate OR view the Live Auctions UNLESS the Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)/ Caution Money Deposit (CMD) is paid in Advance at the office of M/s Pvt. Ltd, # 307-A, Best Commercial Complex, Opp Andheri Rly Stn (W) Mumbai 400 058 OR as may be specified in the auction catalogue.
Earnest Money Deposit (EMD):
To become eligible to participate Registered Bidders have to deposit the Earnest Money (Also referred to at times as Caution Money) in the prescribed manner as specified in the auction catalogue before start of the Auction. The CMD/EMD is a REFUNDABLE amount specific to every auction and only establishes the eligibility if the Bidder to Participate. The amount is refunded to unsuccessful bidders after close of the auction offers its users two forms of online auctions; a) Percentage EMD Auctions and b) Lump-Sum EMD Auctions
a) EMD in case of Percentage EMD Auctions:
In case of Lump-sump Auction there will a lump sum EMD amount fixed for every auction, irrespective of the number of lots in that auction.
On depositing this fixed/lump-sum amount disclosed at the start of the auction with the sellers/ auctioneers, the bidders can bid up to any limit they desire i.e. the bidding limits will not be capped.
However if on being successful, the bidder fails to meet with the payment schedule and take the delivery even FOR A SINGLE LOT the ENTIRE Auction EMD will be forfeited.
Payment of EMD
Bidders can pay the EMD via Demand Draft OR Pay Order drawn in favor of the sellers mentioned in the catalogue to be deposited in the office of M/s Best MULYANKAN Consultants Ltd at 1103, 11th Floor, Chandak Chambers,Next to WEH Metro Station, Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400 099.
The EMD amount can also be deposited directly in the account of M/s Best MULYANKAN Consultants Ltd in any of the HDFC Bank Branches with Cash Management (CMS) Facility, A/c No 2400310001382 AND MS Client Code: BESMC.
On conclusion of the Auction the unsuccessful bidders will be returned their EMD amount immediately by issuing At Par clearance Cheque of HDFC.
Auction Participation
On payment of EMD, will send you the confirmation e-mail.
To participate in the bidding process, please use the User ID and Password entered by you while registering with us. Login from the bidder login section on the home page of the website
Bidders should Note that the User ID and Password e-mailed by is specific to every Auction. Bidders will be e-mailed their fresh User ID and Passwords for every Auction separately.
General Rules for Bidding
By participating in an on-Line Auction you solemnly agree to abide by the User Agreement/ Terms of Use, the General Rules mentioned below besides the Specific Terms and Conditions of balance payment schedule/ payment of taxes/ delivery period/ free period/resolution of disputes etc that will be announced and published on the website separately for each seller
Auction Bidding Process:
Bidder can login from the home page of the website for participating in the auction.
After successful login the bidder will be able to view all the details about the auction. The bidder will also view the list of the lots kept for auction. The bidder can select the lots of his interest as well as can prioritize the same for bidding preference.
The bidding screen will be available to the bidder to start bidding. There will be lot name describing the lot on hyperlink. Current bid will show the highest bid for the lot. Your bid will show the bid amount for the lot by the bidder. The bid screen will also show the EMD details for each lot. Three cell colours are used to easily recognize the status of sale and bidders position in the lot auction
Balance of EMD, limit of bid, Debit of EMD for every lot will be always shown on the bidscreen.
Bidder can click on the bid button in the row of the lot to bid for that lot. This will lead to a pop-up window to enter the bid amount for the lot. The bid amount should be greater then the current bid amount for that lot. If the bidder himself is the highest bidder, he can not bid for the higher value for the lot.
Bidder can also avail the facility of autobid for bidding for the most interested lot. The bidder has to click on the Autobid option in front of the lot. This will open a pop-up window where he has to give the directions to the system about maximum price he is willing to pay for the lot and increment on the price quoted by the highest bidder other than him. The system will automatically bid for the lot on behalf of the bidder, immediately after receipt of any higher bid from other bidder. This will save the time of the bidder to monitor the bidding. This will also assure the quick bid for the lot and chances of winning are higher. Bidder can reset the autobid limits anytime during the bidding process
The auction is set for the particular time. Bidding will automatically stop at the end of the time period. The bidder will be able to see his lot wise status of winning the auction immediately on the same screen. All the winning bids are subject to approval from the seller.
Close of Auction
Auction is set for particular time. The server time will always be shown on the bidding screen to know the start time and the time of close of auction.
The Results will be flashed immediately on close of the Auction on the screens. All the bidders can view their status (winner / loser) for each lot.
The bid value last accepted by the system will be taken for deciding the status. Only if two bidders bid with same amount, the fist request received by the server will be the winning request.
Reserve Price and Approval of the Bid
Every seller has a right to decide the reserve price for the lot. Reserve price is the minimum expected price for the lot decided by the seller, below which the bids are taken as subject to approval at the seller\'s discretion
The seller can dismiss the auction / sale of lot if the highest bid is below reserve price.
Disclosure of the reserve price on the bidder screen is at the sole discretion of the seller